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If you are facing a lawsuit, you may be feeling overwhelmed and a bit fearful. If this is the first time you have been sued or need to take legal action to protect your rights, you may not know where to turn. Fortunately, individuals, families and businesses in northern Indiana and southern Michigan can turn to Hahn|Walz Attorneys at Law.

Providing Quality Legal Assistance In Indiana And Michigan

At Hahn|Walz, we understand that many people are not comfortable with the idea of filing a lawsuit. However, when you need to pursue losses you suffered from an injury or business dispute, we will help you determine whether legal action can help, and we will provide cost-effective and efficient guidance throughout the process.

Our lawyers have nearly 50 years of combined legal experience helping individuals and families with various types of civil litigation in state and federal courts, including:

  • Personal injury: Seeking compensation and medical treatment following serious injuries from motor vehicle accidents, slips and falls, product liability cases, medical treatment errors and defective medical devices
  • Estates and elder law: Guiding family members through estate planning and administration processes, resolving will contests and guardianship disputes
  • Business and corporate matters: Resolving disputes regarding contracts, employee-employer relations, collections, labor law and internal and external business and corporate affairs
  • Family law: Assisting with guardianships, divorces, custody and child support arrangements, spousal maintenance agreements and adoptions

Experienced. Accessible. Efficient.

Our lawyers at Hahn|Walz are proud of our reputation and the quality of service we are able to provide to our clients. Let us apply our extensive legal experience to your case. Contact us online or call our South Bend office locally at 574-400-8702 or toll free at 866-307-8690 to speak to an attorney today.

We offer off-site, evening and weekend consultations by appointment if it is difficult for you or a loved one to travel to our office. We accept credit card payments.

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