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Following the death of a loved one, long-buried sibling rivalries, disputes between estranged relatives or emotions regarding the distribution of wealth or family heirlooms may erupt when family members are least able to deal with them appropriately. If the deceased does not have an estate plan in place at the time of his or her death, the estate must go through probate, a time-consuming and often expensive process.

Helping Indiana And Michigan Families Avoid Probate And Estate Disputes

At Hahn|Walz Attorneys at Law, our lawyers have nearly 50 years of combined legal experience helping individuals and families with probate and estate administration matters. We know the issues and liability risks you may be facing if you are in charge of wrapping up a loved one’s estate.

If you are appointed as a fiduciary — a personal representative in a will or a successor-trustee of a trust — you will have numerous legal responsibilities, which can expose you to civil litigation if not performed correctly. Some of your duties may include the following:

  • Transferring assets from one generation to the next according to the provisions of a will or trust
  • Payment of taxes and claims against the estate
  • Drafting letters of administration or letters testamentary
  • Administrating non probate assets
  • Preparing a full accounting of estate assets and final accountings, as required

While we will help you administer your duties transparently so that no one has the need to question the process, questions about estate planning, will contests or trust disputes may still arise. Likewise, if you are a trust beneficiary, heir or creditor to an estate, we can assist to ensure that the rights you have are protected throughout the trust or estate administration process.

Experienced. Accessible. Efficient.

At Hahn|Walz Attorneys at Law, we understand the financial and emotional hardships your family may face after the death of a loved one. We will focus on helping you facilitate the transfer of a deceased loved one’s estate as efficiently and painlessly as possible so you can concentrate on dealing with your loss.

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